Winter 52 Day Challenge – Day 1

I am excited to get this challenge started.  THe last challenge i thought I did ok but could have been a lot better.  This time around I do not have that many distractions planned that will hinder my goals.  My main concern is that we are going on a family vacation to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico on Jan 16 for a week and in the past when we have gone it has turned into an all out indulgence.  Also I have a little concern that i wont be able to lose the 12 lbs needed to complete the 5% challenge.  If I do manage to loose 12 lbs then I will be at 213 which I honeslty dont remember the last time I weighed that.  

Anyhow I started the challenge off right I got in a good RT session followed by a 40 minute run.  I have decided that I am going to compete in a triathalon on June 20th, so my training goals are going to be in pursuit of achieving this goal.  I have downloaded a “couch to olympic triathalon” training plan and have scheduled my workouts around it.

Yesterday I swam for 25 minutes and did a spin class that really kicked my butt.


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  1. TNT Man

    We are also going on a week’s vacation starting Jan 20th. I found a small gym near by to exercise. If you are at an all inclusive – you will have some facilities available.

    One way or another – enjoy.

    TNT Man

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