Thursday Jan 14, 2010

Today I managed to swim for 45 minutes without stopping, it really impressed me.  I completed a total of 76 laps all doing a front stroke I think that equals about 1.9 km.  Every morning that I swim there is another guy in the pool, I am sure that he is racing me, one day I am going to start to swim intervals then beat his ass as he thinks he is so fast.  At this point I am swimming for endurance not speed.  After the swim I did a spin class, the class was good, music was a little old for me and not turned up.  Only 9 other people in the class so the intensity of the class was lacking a bit, it still kicked my ass though.  I weighed in today at 220.4 which I am happy about.  Only problem is now I am getting worried about the vacation, I want to enjoy the food and drink that the Mexican culture have to offer but I dont want to waste all of the work I have done in the last little bit.  Not sire how I am going to navigate this one.  I have managed to convince my son that playing soccer, basketball, volleyball and snorkelling is something we will do everyday.  Still have to figure this out.



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