Friday Jan 15, 2010

Well the count down is on, in just about 24 hrs we will be on a plane, I think our baby is teetheing so I am sure that everyone on the plane is going to love us.  O well how many times have we all been somewhere where someones baby has been crying, now it is our turn to have the crying baby I guess.  I made it into the gym this morning, on time which is impressive, I completed the B workout of nROL break in, followed by a little ab work to kill time until the spin class started.  It was a good spin class the intensity was a little low but a lot of power work which equalled a nice amount of sweat. 

I think I have decided that I will be good for the the majority of our vacation and let myself have a cheat day on Thursday or Friday.  I have also emailed ahead to the hotel and asked them to do the rose pedal arrangement for when we arrive, I was also going to ask for chocolat covered strawberries but that would be starting off the vacation on an unhealthy note and my wife has put a lot of work into losing weight in the last few months.



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2 responses to “Friday Jan 15, 2010

  1. Have a wonderful vacation! A crying baby on an airplane is nothing new….been there myself many years ago!

    The rose pedal arrangement is awesome!

    Have fun and enjoy yourself!


  2. TNT Man

    Enjoy – you have worked hard and deserve it.

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