Wednesday Feb 2, 2010

Finally I think that I broke through the plateau, this morning I weighed in at 218.4 which I am happy with, but I would like to hit 214 by the end of this 52dc so I need to pick it up a notch.  This morning I ran for 44 minutes which is the longest I have ever ran in my life, it was tough but it also felt good to complete it without stopping.  I am finding that the Fat Loss I workout is good but during some of the exercises I feel like I look quite silly.

On Monday night along with six other firefighters I recieved my official certification as a firefighter.  It was a very nice ceremony at Council presented to us by the Mayor and a representative from the Fire Marshalls office.  I am happy that I have recieved the certification I worked really hard to fulfill all of the requirements and did so in the minimum amount of time as possible (3 years).  Now I need to figure out what I am going to get certified in next.


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One response to “Wednesday Feb 2, 2010

  1. TNT Man

    Congrats on your Certification – always nice when you set your cap towards a goal and reach it.

    NROL Fat Loss is a tough – tough program. Forget about what you think makes you look silly and just go for it. I use to do all floor exercises in the “back” room of the gym out of embarrassment, then one day I realized I had not been in that room in months.

    BTW – your next certification – as a Personal Trainer. LOL

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