Wednesday March 17, 2010

52 Day Challenge – Day 1

Another challenge  has started, this time around I have set some high goals.  I am excited about the challenge and seem to be more motivated by these challenges than I am the mini challenges, I guess it may have to do with the Awards Ceremony at the end of these.

I am aiming for 52 days of Clean Eating, and 52 days of no alcohol, both of these may end up to be hard considering Easter, and that I am organizing a comedy night fundraising event as the president of the firefighters association and it is nice to sit back and have a beer with the guys once the event is over for another year.  I will be able to hit the goals I am sure.

I recently got an iPhone and have found the daily burn app, it is truly amazing it is really helping me to track everything that I eat.  I also bought a heart rate monitor which I am excited to try at my next spin class.

This morning I hit the gym hard and did the FL II workout A followed by a 58 min run on the treadmill, where i covered 6.86 miles.

I am excited for this challenge and plan to make it my best yet.


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One response to “Wednesday March 17, 2010

  1. TNT Man

    Fat Loss II was a tough one. A firefighter who does not drink – are you sure you are in the right line of volunteerism?

    Good Luck on the Challenge – you have set your focus and will make all your goals.

    TNT Man

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