Thursday March 25, 2010

Yesterday we were called out to a massive grass fire that was sparked by a passing train.  It was not in our area but we were called in for mutual aid.  Here is the link to the news broadcast

If you watch the video or look at the picture I am the guy on the left hand side carrying an indian pack walking down the road.  Pretty neat.  It was a massive workout, with a grass fire you have to sweep the edge of a fire with a broom, pretty labour intensive, then we had to walk to tracks and extinguish all the rail ties that were along the side of the tracks, nobody got hurt, no buildings caught fire and I got in a great workout all in all it was a great day.



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2 responses to “Thursday March 25, 2010

  1. WOW! Getting your workout in while working…the best of both worlds…oh and putting out fires…we are lucky to have individuals such as yourself! Stay safe and enjoy the workouts!

    • TNT Man

      Tough stuff. At least this time you got in a work out and no one was hurt. Keep up the great work and thanks for doing the hard job.

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