Monday March 29, 2010

Another Monday morning has come and gone, I dragged my but out of bed this morning at 430 and went to the gym.  I am on the final stretch of the NROL Fat Loss II routine.  I did workout A followed by my “short run” of the triathlon training program which has started to be a lot longer than short (44 minutes).  I weighed in at 206.8 which is good but it is up a little bit since saturday morning. 

Tonight the gym I go to is having a fundraising campaign of the spin instructors lost their daughter a few years ago tragically and they have been doing a spin night for the last 3 years.  I am thinking that I might go to get in a spin class and help support.  It all depends as I have training every Monday night at the fire hall from 7 – 9.

So far  this 52dc is going good for me the no alcohol is really hard for me but I am finding that it is really paying off.  People are starting to notice and make comments on how much I have lost, I am also starting to get the you need to stop loosing weight or you are going to look to fragile comments.  But the thing is I have never been a “fragile” guy I have always been a bigger guy and I would like to see what it would be like to be a smaller guy.  I think I would be happy if I lost another 30 lbs which would bring my total close to 80 lbs.  I know it wont be easy but I think I can do it.


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  1. TNT Man

    The smaller guy is there. 80 pounds is what I took off. The difference is great. You can do it – keep your eye on the ball and ignore those comments. You will know when you are where you should be.

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