Friday April 9, 2010

Its been a little while since I have had a chance to post anything here, so much has happened in the last week it has been crazy.  We did the typical 3 easter meals, over the easter weekend, two of them were interrupted by large grass fires so I had to leave.  It actually worked out ok, on saturday night the fire consumed about 20 acres of field and got into a forest so we were busy.  The flu has swept through our house and hit everyone yesterday was the little guy and my wife, seems that they are on the mend now.  The baby is getting more teeth and not sleeping much and she is not very happy.  Last night we went for a 45 minute hike through the local conservation area with the dog when I got home from work.  I think that was our first walk alone without my wife.  Work has been crazy we had a huge groundbreaking ceremony for this new arena that we are building with the Mp and the MPP with our council that I put together, luckily I got to hide in the background and did get harassed to go into any pictures even though I am in charge of the construction of the building.

 Anyhow, been making back to the gym and I completed my last workout of NROL Fat Loss II today.  I cannot decide if I should move onto Fat Loss III or Hypertrophy, I am thinking that with the amount of cardio I am doing starting Hypertrophy might be counter productive.  I weighed in at 203.4.


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