Monday May 10, 2010

We are almost through our busy schedule of May.  We  had the fundraiser it looks like we raised about 5k.  We had my brothers stag and doe and they raised about 5k, now we have my daughters first birthday on Saturday then we go up to the cottage for the long weekend. 

The spring 52 day challenge was good to me.  I am glad I decided to go for perfect CE and no alcohol.  I lost a lot more weight than I expected.  On Friday I weighed in at 197.8.  I did blow a couple of CEs this weekend and I am feeling good that I did.  I had 3 beers on Saturday night along with vodka waters, jello shooters and red wine.  Yesterday I cooked home-made butter chicken, baked some naan bread and made creme brulee for dinner.  It was very good and my wife really enjoyed it.  I tried to eat light throughout the day to allow for the extra calories.

My son has come down with the chickenpox and I think that he has them pretty bad, he was glued to the couch all weekend.  I skipped the gym on Saturday morning to help out with the morning routine. 

I have decided that I am going to learn how to cook and Sundays will be my cooking night.  If anyone has any healthy tasty recipes let me know, as I am open to anything.


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  1. Dynamics

    Congratulations on a great 52DC and PERFECT CE. Let me know what kind of food you like and I will send you some great recipes.

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