wednesdasy May 19, 2010

So I have been a little lazy on blogging, as life has gone crazy.  Last week I was on an off week from the NROL and the triathlon training program, but by the time Tuesday morning came around I was feeling guilty.  So i decided I was going to head into the gym late, for only a spin class.  So on my way at 5:50 I hit a deer.  The car was not drivable so I had to do the police/tow truck/rental car thing.  So I found out they are fixing the car for a cost of almost 7500.  I was planning on trading in within the next few months anyhow.  Yesterday morning my daughter woke up with the chickenpox (at least they waited to come until after her first birthday party on Saturday)  and my son is finally getting over his case of the chickenpox.  My wife voluntold me to coach my sons soccer team this summer as an email went out looking for help, so looks like every saturday 10 am for the next few months is booked.  I have asked for help so we can still head up to the cottage frequently.

This morning I did the NROL FLI B workout and then I ran for 84 minutes.  I managed to cover 10.2 miles.  It was harder than usual because I missed the biggest loser last night as I had a air brake renewal test then a meeting and didn’t get home until 10.  Usually I take the yelling and screaming that Jillian and Bob do especially during the last chance workout to heart.


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