Thursday May 27, 2010

I am so glad that the summer challenge has started, I have been good over the last few weeks but have indulged once or twice.  I found it hard to clean eat all the time during the last challenge in the sense that it is a strain on my family and mostly my wife.  My friends didn’t want to hang out as much because the no alcohol.  O well I feel great after going through all of it.

I got my road bike all set up yesterday and had to buy new shoes and pedals.  I would like to by a bike computer but financially the one I want is not in the cards for a few weeks at least.    I went out for a 25k ride last night and it was really enjoyable.  I went with another guy and he seemed to be big into cycling I wasnt sure if he was riding slowly for me or if that was his pace but I felt like I could have done the ride in a much quicker time.

Anyhow I hope that by next week I will have bought my new car as the old one was a right off.  Both of my kids are finally over the chickenpox and life is settling down again.  The only bad news these days is that the U@ concert in July has been postponed and I ought 4 tickets @ 250 each and now we are stuck waiting to see when and if they are planning to come back.  What can you do.


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