Friday June 4, 2010

Triathlon # 1 is almost here.  I am starting to get worried I haven’t  trained enough.  I think I have but negative thoughts are starting to creep into my head.  Everyone keeps talking about the 6th line hill and saying it is almost impossible so I am worried about it.  I think I will go ride it tomorrow morning so I know I can do it.

This morning I had a good workout I did the 750 m swim in just under 20 minutes and then did a spin class.  I think I will go for a road ride tonight also depending on what my family is doing.  My wife wants to go to the race track to watch the horses so we will go there.  I was given tickets to an equine expo this weekend so we will probably attend that at some point also. 

Yesterday I picked up my new car so life is finally back in order.  I got a 2010  Escape same colour as the last one not to many options but it is a nice vehicle.  I got the tow package on it so I can bring my bike with me. 

My parents Clydesdale has been in labour for almost 36 hours so we have been going over there a little bit these last few days.  My son really wants to see the baby horse.  I can’t decide if seeing a horse being born would be traumatic or beneficial for a “five and three quarter” year old.

I will report back on how I did at my first triathlon on Monday.


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