Tuesday June 29, 2010

Not much new other than I am beating myself up in the gym again which is good.  I am back to Fat Loss 3 and I plan to do both the A nad B workout 2 times a week with Wednesday off.  My legs hurt and it is hard to get up from my chair which is what I have been missing.  Spin class is starting to get a little bit stale for me as I am having a hard time pushing myself.  I may cut back on the number of classes I go to every week.  Problem is the instructors are starting to expect me to be there and help push the intensity of the classes. 

We are heading up to the cottage tomorrow night until Sunday again i am excited.  I hope to bring my road bike and ride the tri course on the way up but it does not seem like it is going to happen.  O well it is a short bike only 20k. 

This morning I weighed in at 191.2 I have 5 more lbs to go to meet the 5% challenge goal.  As usual once i get passed the 190 mark the next four will be easy.  My goal is to not gain any weight while we are at the cottage.


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