Monday July 5, 2010

Well I thought i behaved at the cottage and was I wrong.  I cannot believe that I gained 6.2 lbs in 4 days.  That seems absolutely incredible to me.  Anyhow I have already pulled a double today and might go out for a ride tonight and a bit of core work after firefighting.

We had a great time up at the cottage, my son caught his first eatable fish and was delighted, it truly was the highlight of the trip for him and I.  Everything was going along great until the dog sliced a big chunk of skin muscle under his right leg and it was hanging there.  Well we gathered the kids and the dog up made the boat ride across to mainland and then the drive into town to the vet.  Emergency surgery to sew him back together and $1000 later quickly ended our trip to the cottage.  We packed and cleaned as quickly as possible and drove home.

The training plan for the Urbanathlon is out and I will starting it in 2 weeks I am excited.  I have started toi investigate parkour training (incorporated into the training plan) nad I am really interested to try it out it looks like it could be a lot of fun.


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