Friday July 9, 2010

With the end of the 52 day challenge in sight I have had to get my but in gear and pick things up.  I have been going hard all week and this morning ALL the cottage weight was off back down to 191.2.  I have a feeling that tomorrow I will weigh in the 180’s. 

My poor baby girl has tonsillitis so things aren’t going so smoothly at home.  My wife has been putting up with a lot less sleep and a lot of crying.  Good thing she is so patient and can do it.  Her try a tri is coming up next weekend and she has trained a little bit but not as much as she would like.  This weekend we are going to go out and do an open water swim and ride the course with the kids.  I officially signed my son up to do the tri on the same day as my next one and he couldn’t be more excited.

Not much on tap for the weekend sounds like my wife is working evenings on sat and sun so who knows.  I think we will try to stay home and get chores done and sit by the pool and enjoy our backyard a bit.  We were talking the other night and we just don’t stay home and hang out enough we are always on the go doing something.


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