Wednesday August 4, 2010

I am so happy that the next challenge has started.  In the few weeks between challenges I always feel like I am lost and need to focus.  This morning I slept into 430 then tried to get the baby back to sleep so I was a little late getting to the gym.  When I finally made it I ran 5 miles on the treadmill then hit an hour spin class.  I got my hands on the p90X videos so I am considering adding them into my routine at nights. 

My goals for this challenge will keep me busy but we are heading to the cottage for 10 days this weekend so I had to pick goals that I can hit even though we are away for so long.  On saturday I am in another sprint triathlon up by the cottage.  What I am really looking forward to is that my son is doing a kids of steel triathlon on saturday aswell.  I am really pumped for him and I am glad that he is taking an interest in being healthy.  I will also have my bike so I am planning on biking around the entire lake which is around 75 km.  I am borrowing adjustable dumbbells from my father in law so I can do the Spartacus workout while we are there and I have my laptop and the p90X videos.  Hopefully I come home at a decent weight, we are having friends up who we really enjoy drinking with but I am hoping to only blow 1 CE while we are away.


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