Wednesday August 25, 2010

Same old happening here, made it to the gym but got there late because the main road that goes through town is closed and had to take a detour.  I was planning on a 9 mile run outside but ended up doing a 3.1 mile run getting off the treadmill then doing 100 pushups 20 dips, 50 situps and 20 pullups, then repeated it again (run and everything) I then went to a spin class.  I feel like I missed out on some of my workout though as I didn’t get in the 9 miles.

We had a pretty bade car accident the other morning I am kind of glad I was at work and couldn’t respond.  here is the link  These are the kind of calls that get to you once in a while, I feel for the guys who did respond.  Not much else happening.


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