Thursday August 26, 2010

The house is pretty quiet with everyone gone.  It is funny when the mayhem is going on it gets to me but now that I am in the quiet I realized that I thrive on the mayhem.  I worked on some drywall and insulation last night and think I will get it all done tonight.  I am flying out to Montreal tomorrow.  I am pretty excited to see my family especially my grandparents.  My wife and kids are staying at my brothers house and lets just say that their relationship wouldn’t even qualify as beeing rocky.  seeing her do this for our kids and me makes me appreciate her even more than I already do.

This morning i got to the gym 20 minutes late (damn railroad track) but I had a good workout.  I did the Urbanthlon training program and in between sets I did 35 push ups, 20 situps and jumped rope.  I ended up getting in 450 push ups and 300 situps.  At the end of that I was feeling a little strong so i tried to bench some heavy dumbbells, I managed to do 5 reps with 70 & 80’s then 4 reps with 90’s.  Then I did the stairmaster for 20 minutes.  All in all it was a good workout, but I still gained a pound since yesterday, which is impossible to have gained it through food as I only consumed 2200 calories.  I think it is time to concentrate on body fat % now and give up worrying about the scale.

I have also decided that I am going to post some progress pics at the start of the October challenge as I have been at the 52DC’s for a year now and owe everything to them.


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  1. Lucky,

    Your workout was awesome! Made me tired reading about it! LOL! I am sooooo done with the scale, no matter what I do it never goes in the right direction…I vowed to stay away from it and did for some time..not sure why I wandered back!

    Hope you had fun in Montreal!


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