Thursday Sept 2, 2010

2 more days until the last tri of the season.  I will be doing another sprint and I am hoping to finish this one in under 2 hours.  This morning I slept until 530 so I didn’t have a long time to workout.  I still got in the NROL Hyp A workout in, 350 push ups and 250 situps and a lot of jump rope.

The scale still isn’t cooperating but I seem to be loosing body fat.  I think as a reward for completing this challenge I will buy a caliper so I can monitor bf% a little more closely.  Tnt diet was not well received in my house which I can understand and res[ect so what I have started to do is to carb cycle.  I am really enjoying it so far but we will see how well it works long-term.

On Tuesday we went to Canada’s Wonderland and we had an amazing time.  My wife and I rode the rides alone in the morning while my in-laws hung out with the kids.  After lunch we all hung out and did rides together with the kids and then around 6 my father in law and sister-in-law and I went and rode more rides until 8.  I forgot how much I love those rides.  I took my little guy in his first roller coaster and it was pretty funny.  He wanted me to make the ride stop while we were going but then when we got back he said it was sweet.

This weekend we are taking him and a friend to the CN Tower for his birthday which is Sept 11 so that should be fun I have not been there for a long long time.



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2 responses to “Thursday Sept 2, 2010

  1. Hey Luckyff,

    Sounds like you had a great time at the amusement park. We recently took our son to a local county fair, he rode the same Twister type ride 4 times in a row and hurled on the way home! Ahhhh..the memories!

    By now you have completed your Tri, I have not spent enough time on the forum to catch up with everyone. Knowing you and your training I am sure you did well.

    Be Well,


  2. TNT Man

    I am lucky – we are empty nesters and my wife is low carbing as well.

    Had our 5yo grandson with us for an evening – I have no idea how anyone can be on a special diet with a little kid in the house. He is a carboholic – well trained by his parents. [sigh] All of the “stuff” we had around for him – was driving me crazy.

    Good Luck
    TNT Man

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