Wednesday September 8, 2010

The little guy went off to school yesterday and started grade 1.  I actually had a bit of a hard time with it just from the perspective that my wife and I have a school aged child.  He met his teacher and his new classmates and everything seemed to go ok. 

Labor day weekend went well we had horrible weather.  On saturday it was the worst race conditions that the triathlon series has seen in over 20 years.  They actually cancelled the swim entirely and made it in to the largest duathalon on record.  I think about 800 people ended up running it.  It was not fun on the bike at all the wind was coming head on no matter which way you turned (I couldn’t quite figure that one out) and it was really wet.  The race was a 3 k run, 30 k bike and 7 k run.  I finished in a time that I was happy with 1:56:40 and i think I placed 270th.  not bad considering where I started from a year ago.

Sunday we went to the CN Tower as my son wanted to go there for his birthday.  Let me give you some advice if you ever come to Toronto and decide to go see the CN Tower.  1.  Do not buy the total Tower experience what a waste of money and 2 get there early about 30 minutes before opening go up the tower look around and come back down.  It was complete insanity and I would never do it again.

So now it is on to some hardcore Urbanathlon training which I am really excited for my brother and I booked our flights and have sleeping arrangements made.  I ran 8 miles this morning and then did a spin class.  I feel good but I also feel like I need to exercise a little more.  I will do some p90x tonight when I get home.


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