Monday October 18, 2010

URBANATHLON!!  What an amazing event.  The city of Chicago is an amazing place and I could have asked for a better way to get around to see it.

I started in wave 6 and I think that there may have been almost 1000 people start in my wave.  Slater (Mario Lopez) was the guest starter so that was really cool.  The first leg of the race I tried to keep a pace with a few skinny guys who looked like they were runners.  We ran over to Navy Pier went up and down it then on to the first obstacle.   Up onto the concrete barrier which was a nice obstacle t overcome to help give confidence, then we scaled a tractor tire after watching a few people it became very clear that the tires with treads were the ones to go up, then we did the tire obstacle, and off we went.  Shortly after we approached the hurdles which took quite a bit out of me.  I spent more time trying to find a lane that people were not encroaching into then I did on anything else.  Marine hurdles were quite easy and fun followed by cargo nets and monkey bars where I took them 2 at a time. 

Soldier Field was the next obstacle.  The stair climb.  It was not a fun experience but it was amazing.  Like Tony Horton says “I Love it but I hate it”.  I don’t know how many stairs we actually did but it was a lot.  up stairs up ramps, down stairs down ramps.  Up to the top and back and then again.  This was the only obstacle that I had to wait and couldn’t run where I wanted to.  So I think that the stair climb added a few minutes to my time for sure.  The last obstacle was taxi cabs, over a bus and then up an 8 ft wall.  I had no problem at all so I was quite happy. 

My brothers and my baby brother’s girlfriend did the race a relay team and I destroyed their times on all events and overall by almost 13 minutes, the problem with that is I have trash talked them so much since Saturday that I am going to have to start training now for the race next year to back up the talk.  After the race we hung out checked out the vendors, climbed the rock wall, listened to the band and then went to a Fire game.

I have to say that I actually liked the Urbanathlon a little more than I did any of the triathlons that I did this season.  We met a guy there who did the Chicago Marathon the week before and was doing the Urbanathlon with us.  I am considering making this my new goal for next year but I don’t think I will be able to swing that much time away from work.


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  1. TNT Man

    Fantastic – Glad you had fun. Better that you beat out your brothers. Nothing like a bit of family competition.

    On to the next one.
    TNT Man

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