Wednesday October 20, 2010

Man its 8 more days until my birthday I cannot believe that another year has gone by.   I am not sure how I feel about turning 33 I think I am ok with it, but it is making stop and think that I have a lot to do in a little time. 

When I was in Chicago they were selling these power balance bracelets.  I cannot believe how well they work they are amazing.  The help you to improve your flexibility, strength and power.  My workouts since I got home have been off the charts in terms of energy.  This mornings spin class I left a lot of sweat on the floor.  I havent done that since I started going to spin classes.

I weighed in at 192.2 this morning only 7.2 lbs to go on the drive to 185.  I am getting so close I can see it.

I am also kind of lost in terms of my workouts, I feel that I want to change-up the mix but I am not sure where to go.  I think I still want to do NROL stuff but I also want to do p90x.  I cannot justify doing only P90x as the gym membership payments will be wasted and my family wouldn’t appreciate that.  Over the next couple of days I am going to try to figure out how to do both.  I am thinking NROL/cardio in the am and then the p90x videos at night.  What concerns me is I am not sure of what I should be doing with my nutrition if I increase to 3 months of doubles.  Anyhow this is the dilemma I am facing and hopefully I can get it sorted out by Monday.


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One response to “Wednesday October 20, 2010

  1. TNT Man

    33 and you have “a lot to do in a little time.” You have a life time ahead of you. Enjoy it. Enjoy your kids. Continue to work out. Have Fun.

    From the little I know of the P90X program – you may want to sub it out for Cardio rather than do doubles.

    Good Luck
    TNT Man

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