Monday October 25, 2010

Election day is finally here I cannot believe it.  Finally all of the politicking and bad mouthing and threatening to fire staff is going to end one way or another tomorrow.  It is a very stressful time around the office and it is definitely not fun.  O well what can you do.

I have been in so much pain my legs are absolutely killing me.  I lifted really heavy weight on Thursday and I have been having a hard time moving since.  On saturday I had to stop running and switch to the rowing machine because my legs couldn’t take it.  I also had a hard time catching my 17 month old baby while she was running around the arena. 

I have planned out the next 40 weeks or so in terms of exercise but not so much nutrition.  For the next 20 I am planning on going through a cutting phase and then I am going to start the half Ironman training program for the following 20 weeks.  The half Ironman that I am doing is going to be on August 7.  I am so excited.

On a totally different note all together my son scored his first goal in a real hockey game on Saturday it was nice to be able to be there to see it.  I am going to call the trophy store today and have a plaque made up for his wall.  I want him to be proud of his accomplishments and your first hockey goal is huge.


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