Tuesday January 4, 2011

It’s been a really long time since i have had a chance to write something here so I will try to give a quick update on things going on in my world.  I didn’t complete the last challenge I fizzled out of posting I still managed to complete my goals but missed the opportunity to post them.  I want to thank all of the people who make the 52 DC’s happen your efforts are truly appreciated and you are helping so many people change their lives.

Our new bosses have taken the reigns and we are now into the full swing of their four-year term which has to do with why I havent been able to post as much as I have previously.  THe arena we are building has hit a major speed bump and I am trying to resolve it but things have not sorted themselves out in the last 2 months. 

At home the holidays were good my amazing wife surprised me with a new road bike for christmas it was truly the most amazing thing anyone has done for me.  WE also booked our January get away to the same resort we went to last year and our kids were jumping with joy (the 2-year-old didn’t really know why she was jumping, but was copying her brother none the less) I had a few cheat meals over the holidays but I didn’t gain any weight.  On new years eve my wife and I ran the Resolution Run which is a 10 k race, we ran at her pace and it was a great time.  It ended up being a warm night and I ran in a tank top while she ran in a t-shirt.

I’ve decided that the year 2011 is going to be my best year yet.  I plan to simplify life and not spread myself so thin so that I can excel at the things that I do.  I have also decided that I am going to pursue a career change and that I am dedicated to being a full-time firefighter, this will also give me more time to train for triathlons and be home with my family.  Another goal that I have set is to “pay it forward” in some manner when the opportunity arises at least once per month.  The last goal I set is to exercise on (365 – my age) = 332 days this year.

This upcoming challenge I have set the bar high for myself again and plan to blow all of my goals out of the water.  I am trying to build a base for the upcoming triathlon season which is why I chose the 3600 challenge as a goal this time around.  This is the year I will do the 1/2 Ironman, there is a race in Ottawa on sept 3 or a race in Huntsville on Sept 11 that I will sign up for.

Anyhow I am looking forward to the start of another challenge as I find i focus better when i am working towards a goal.



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2 responses to “Tuesday January 4, 2011

  1. TNT Man

    No question you will achieve your goals – you are a guy with a stong focus.
    TNT Man

  2. WOW! You have been busy and what an awesome Christmas you had. I bet the sight of your daughter jumping up and down was priceless…gotta love that age….most things make them happy and having an older sibling to copy is even better!

    Good luck on your career change…enjoy the January get away…you have some great goals ahead!

    I look forward to reading about your accomplishments.


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