52 DC – Day 1

Today I started the challenge off right.  Woke up a 405, got ready headed to the gym, had a great RT session and then followed that with a 60 minute run.  I managed to go 7.7 miles but i have to admit it was hurting a bit.  My running stamina is definitely down since the last challenge.  Nearing the end of December I was getting quite sick of cardio so I took a bit of a break from the machines and from spinning.  I weighed in today at 193 lbs. 

I took the first serious step towards the career change and I signed up for the physical test at the University of Waterloo http://uwfitness.uwaterloo.ca/firefighter/cpat_ov.html, Tis test is what has detered me previously from making a full push.  I think that I can blow it out of the water but it looks like I only have one chance to do it as I wont be around for the actual testing day so it is do or die.



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2 responses to “52 DC – Day 1

  1. Good Luck with it Lucky.
    You have been working at getting in shape for a long time now and if I remember correctly, you have lost a pile of weight too. Keep working right up to test day.

    If you can go out for a leasurely run at 7.7 miles, you’ll pass the exam.

    Be Well

  2. TNT Man

    Around here almost all of the fire fighters are volunteers. I assume that if this is a career change – then it is a paid position.
    Good luck – you know what you want – and you will get it.
    TNT Man

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