52 DC – Day 2

Last nights sleep was terrible I went to bed a little early (after the 2nd period in the hockey game) with what turned out to be a false sense of security that Canada would win the hockey game, fell asleep and shortly after my wife came to bed and woke me up to tell me that Canada had lost 5-3.  That started off the night very poorly.  The baby was up and seems to only go back to sleep if I go and rock her, so I did more broken sleep.  Then there was a medical assist call at 330 am for an 80-year-old male difficulty breathing, I decided to skip the call as the ambulance always beats us to the scene in the night, there are lots of new recruits who need medical experience and I was planning on waking up at 4.  Well I ended up sleeping in until 445 which set my planned workouts behind.

When I finally made it to the gym tired and grumpy I got into the pool planning on a 30 minute swim.  After 20 minutes all of my energy was gone and I was going to be late for the spin class, so i made my way upstairs to do the leg raises, dips and chin ups then hit the spin class.  I have decided to attend less classes so that I can get more benefit out of them when I do go.  I weighed in at 193 again this morning.  I have also decided that i want to weigh 189 by the time we leave for mexico. 

My wife has upgraded our room at the resort in mexico to a family suite so that we (I) have access out of the room when the kids are sleeping early in the morning so I can exercise.  It’s a bit costly but it will also give us a place to hang out with my cousin and his fiancée at night.  My cousin called me to ask me to be the best man in his wedding, it is one of the greatest honours for me to be able to be there for him on the biggest day of his life.  He was my best man and has helped me through so much.  He also put up with my drunken ass when we lived together in University.  The wedding is going to be May 14 in Montreal so I am quite excited I’ve already gotten a few emails from people who want to help me organize his stag.


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