Friday Jan 21, 2011

Well I did it, I had the physical for the Fire Department last Friday, it was quite the experience.  I finished with 1:35 seconds to go.  Overall it wasnt much of a challenge from a mental or physical standpoint.  I think the guy in front of me didn’t make it through.  Now it is on to the next exam.  I have been told that this recruitment interviews based on your test scores so I am going to start reviewing things shortly.   I am aiming for high 90’s but really 100% then there is no question at all.

My goals for the 52DC are on track I think I plan on running and swimming quite a lot next week  in Mexico.  I weighed in this morning after a 30 minute swim and a 7.3 mile run at 192.6.  I am hoping to be down to 191 by the time I leave next Thursday.

I was thinking today while I was working out that it is amazing how your thoughts/view change as you evolve.  I can remember looking at a lot of these people I see day in and day in an envious way and looked up to them when it cam to fitness.  Now that I am where I am and these people are still doing the same thing and not evolving I am almost looking down on them and thinking they need to pick things up if they want to evolve.  i guess not everyone has the same goals and some people are just at the gym as part of a healthy lifestyle and for a social experience.

I phoned my son this morning and asked him if he wanted to do a karate video (Kenpo X) tonight with me so we are both excited for that.  Other than that the usual busy weekend is ahead.


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