Friday Feb 11, 2011

Wow I am horrible with keeping up on blog posts.

So the vacation went very well it started out rough but progressively got better.  I woke up at 3 am on the day we left hit the gym and was home by 6.  things were going well.  Then when we 5 minutes from the airport the baby threw up which she never does.  The sickness ended up lasting almost the entire trip.  Got through check in  and then on to security.  So apparently the handle of our baby stroller is covered in chemicals which are used to make explosives.  So my wife got taken aside questioned and manually searched. ok we were done, then the plane got was delayed by almost an hour.  Finally on our way.  On board the baby was crazy and everyone was hungry however our row was the row where the 2 food carts meet and as it turns out they didn’t have enough food for everyone and there was one sanwhich for the four of us to share.  Ok we land.  Customs was almost an hour and a half all the asshole people from our plane decided that they wouldn’t wait in line like the rest of us and they would make their own line which only increased the time we had to wait.  Have I mentioned I have 2 backpacks, 3 pieces of luggage and a bay stroller to move in the line while my wife entertains the kids.  Not a single person helped or let us go ahead of them it was actually the opposite people were trying to pass me in line while I was trying to move all of our stuff.  Ok through out to the transfer, I decide that I would take a picture of everyone with my Iphone (work phone) but it is not in the backpacks.  I obviously am freaking out now and my wife encourages me to go back and ask, so I end up upstairs in this weird back part of the airport but my phone is there.  wow.  The rest of the day went relatively well except there was major confusion surrounding the upgraded room we wanted so we could be feet away from the pool so the baby could nap and we could use a monitor and swim with our son.  They quoted one amount then another and instead of arguing I got fed up and told my wife to pay the amount they wanted.  However the next day my cousin checked in and they quoted him the same cheaper rate that they originally quoted us.  My wife went an argued and now they have given us the free upgrade during our next stay.

So pretty much things could only go up from there.  We ended spending our time at the basketball courts, the water parks, the soccer field and the beach. We went snorkeling in underground caves and I went scuba diving for the first time.  I think it had to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

So now it is back to reality and I am back into the swing of things.  I have been falling behind on my goals and now I will have to pick things up again to hit them by the end of the challenge.

I also wrote the firefighter exam on Sunday and I think I did ok I didn’t get stumped on a question until # 85 out of a 100.   I think there was about 7 that I wasnt sure of.  I was hoping for 100 but we will see.  I am told the department I want to get onto is hiring very soon so I am excited about that.  THey use a point system to decide who will get an interview which I think that I should help me.  I think over 800 people ended writing the test  not very good odds considering we might be lucky if they hire 20 people.

Now I have also been recently contacted by a head hunter from a private engineering company who seems quite interested in me.  This would be going back into the role I had before I came to the public sector.  The only catch with this is that the job is right in downtown Toronto which would mean a huge commute or moving.  So I am torn but one things has become very clear to me since October is that I am bored with this job and the time has come for a new challenge for me. 

Stay posted I hope to have a clearer direction soon.


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  1. TNT Man

    Wow – nothing else to say – just Wow!
    TNT Man

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