Wednesday March 9, 2011

Well the interview is over and done with.  I am feeling fairly positive about things but obviously the negative self-doubt thoughts are slowly creeping in.  They said that they will let us know one way or the other within 2 weeks.  THe process from here is another shortlist of candidates is made, then there is a series of other things that we go through so that they can pick their ideal candidates.  If  everything works out for me I would have a start date of May 2nd.

The interview team consisted of my chief from the department I am on now as a volunteer and a representative from HR.  I tried to keep upbeat and positive and to do all of the small things like keeping good eye contact and engaging them in my stories, I had a few chuckles and nods of approval  I am a little worried because there were obviously a bunch of check boxes that the Hr and the chief were looking for and on a few questions I noticed that none of the boxes were checked but on other questions they were all checked and then a lot of notes made.  What is really stressing me out is I couldn’t answer a particular question where they were looking for an example of something and I tried to answer the question but I couldn’t.  I wish I could say what the question was but I don’t think that they would appreciate me repeating any questions that they asked me. 

I do not know much about HR but I am assuming that it is rare that every candidate gives a perfect interview (or at least i am hoping that is the case)  Like I said I felt good coming out of the interview but now I am coming up with better answers to the questions now that I know them.  I truly believe that this is my time and that things will happen the way that they are supposed to but the anticipation after not even 24 hours is killing me. 

Yesterday afternoon I went to a physical at the doctors and things seem to be good.  She did my BMI and yet again I am obese which I understand that the scale does not really work for me as I have a muscular body type.  She then did a circumference test of my waist and that was a little high also, but she said that she has no worries because I obviously work out and I am fit.  However it was really good to hear a doctor say that as it is going to help me find some motivation to push myself.


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