Tuesday Marhc 22, 2011

There was a major tragedy close by to us last week http://www.theobserver.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3033720.  I was hoping to attend the funeral on Thursday but we had to draw names to see who could go up and my name was not picked.  The reason being we can’t have our entire department at a funeral an hour away and nobody around to respond.  There are so many questions that come to mind when you hear things like this.  Most of all I truly feel for their families and the guys and girls that served with them.  It is almost sickening to stop and think of what these two people went through in the last minutes of their lives.  It also inspires me more to become a fulltime firefighter as I think that my knowledge of buildings and building construction would be an asset to any department.

Today is 2 weeks since I had the interview and I am hoping to hear something.  Last night I spoke with my friend who is already on the department and he thinks I should be hearing something soon.  He also said he has a good feeling for me and feels I have a lot of what they are looking for with this hire.  This has truly been the longest 2 weeks of my life and I have been through every emotion possible.  Every time my wife calls me at work I think it might be news, but then it isn’t and I am disappointed.  I also started to think that I wasnt going to get on for a few days and now I am back feeling like this is my time.

In terms of fitness I have been going to the gym as usual doing my thing.  I got my new road bike fit on Sunday so I can’t wait until I can get out.  I found a new podcast (Ignite wrmup) that I listen to before a workout and it has really helped me to bring it again.  I kind of feel that I have been playing around and having fun in the gym for the last few months and my weight 196.8 shows that.  So I am glad that training for triathlon time has come around again as a clear goal really helps me to push myself in the gym.  yesterday I ran 6.25 miles in 50 minutes and then hit a yoga class.  Tomorrow I am planning on a 9 mile run followed by a spin class so that should tell me where I am in terms of fitness as I was doing this every Wednesday in the fall.  Wish me luck


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