Tuesday March 29, 2011

So the family has all been sick since Thursday night.  My daughter got it the worst of all of them and started to recover late Sunday afternoon.  My son got it saturday night and my wife had it when she woke up Sunday morning.  Luckily I did not get it though.  I didn’t manage to get out and get a workout in on Friday or sunday so I think I will have to put in at least one double which I might do today.

Saturday was my sons championship game for his hockey season, and admittedly he is not the best player on the team but he has improved dramatically since the beginning of the season.  they ended up wining the game 6-4 but the best part of the game was that my son scored the game winning goal with 1 second to go in his shift.  I am so happy for him as I am a huge believer in self-confidence for kids and things like this and doing the triathlons really help to assure him that he is amazing. 

I still have not heard about the fire job, but nobody has.   It now officially has been the longest three weeks of my life.  I hope that I hear things soon because I still havent told my boss that I am doing this and she is one of my references.  The way our Municipality is set up the senior staff is made up of the CAO, The Director of Public Works and myself.  The person who is the Director of Public Works has handed in his retirement papers and his last day will be April 30th.  He is really good friends with the clerk and has made it very clear to me that when I tell her about my plans that I will send her over the edge.  So needless to say I will only tell her if I get the call.  They told me in the interview that they would call and ask if the could contact my references.  I have started to clean up all the little fires and messes that I have put aside for the last 6 years as if I will be leaving.   For my families sake I hope things are decided soon.


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