Wednesday April 6, 2011

The fundraiser on Saturday went very well.  We did run out of booze and cups which is very impressive.  I bought 30 cases of beer, a case of vodka, rum and rye and 6 cases of wine.  Luckily we managed to get our hands on more to keep the people happy.  The show was very well received and the comics were very funny.  I have not done totals for the profits yet but things are looking very good.  I think we will end up having raised about $7000.  So now we just have to decide where to donate the money to.  I would like to creat a benevolent fund so we have money to give to anyones family in case the unthinkable happens.

I can’t wait for the nice weather so that i can get out and run and bike outside.  I still have not received any word about the job.  I did notice the my resume has been viewed another 6 times since my interview so I am thinking that another department is considering doing a hiring.  The test I wrote was to create a pool for 4 departments to pick from.  But I have not heard anything yet.  Yesterday it was exactly 1 month since the interview with no word (nobody has heard) which is extremely frustrating.  I have also been told that the start date has been pushed back to May 9th.   It is amazing the difference I have in my attitude as I am acting as if I have the job.  Things are not getting to me and the blocks are removed and things are sorting themselves out. 

Now if I could only drop some weight.  My wife and I spoke this morning and I think we are both going to go back on the Abs Diet.  I have enjoyed TNT but my weight has not changed and I don’t believe that I can follow TNT for the rest of my life.  With the Abs Diet I truly enjoy the food and I can follow its principles for a long time without ever feeling deprived.  I will incorporate carb cycling and carb watching into the Abs Diet and hopefully the scale moved again.  I am also hoping my workout quality can go back to where it was with more carbs as Tri season is just around the corner.

This morning I swam for 30 minutes, ran for 30 minutes and then took a spin class.  weight was up to 197


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